Vehicle Inspection/Car Evaluation

We can take a look under the hood

Auto Diagnostics Solutions (AE) has partnered with conveniently located centres to provide professional and hassle-free vehicle inspection any time you need them. Backed by a team of dedicated vehicle inspectors and specialists, equipped with most advanced technologies in vehicle inspection, to bring your inspection experience to a whole new level of satisfaction.


Through these partnerships Auto Diagnostics Solutions Ensures a complete road worthiness inspection service compliant with the requirements for all types of vehicles including motorcars, motorcycles, taxis, buses, light good vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

A complete road worthiness inspection involves:

  • Brake Efficiency Test
  • Exhaust / Smoke Test
  • Headlight Test
  • Sound Level Test
  • Side Slip / Wheel Alignment Test
  • Above Carriage Inspection
  • Under Carriage Inspection
  • Chassis Dynamo-meter Smoke Test (for diesel-driven vehicles only)

We understand the uncertainties involved in buying a pre-owned car as often, the true condition of the car is deceived by its exterior.

Auto Diagnostics AE vehicle inspection service assists car buyers on their intended purchase of a pre-owned car by providing an independent and expert assessment on the exterior and interior condition of the car.

Our comprehensive car evaluation service involves static vehicle checks and road test covering.

Chassis Frame Inspection & Measurement
Undercarriage Inspection
Rims, Tyres and Brake Rotor Inspection
Engine Bay Inspection
Boot Inspection
Bodyworks Inspection
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